Thursday, 5 July 2012


Λευτέρης Ταρλαντέζος. Luis Royo. «Ελευθεροτυπία», Περιοδικό «9» #23 [22/11/2000].

Luis Royo [Ισπανία, 1954].
He studied technical delineation, painting, decoration and design in Zaragoza. Exhibitions since 1972 and in 1978 began working as a cartoonist. But the picture is to give him the greatest success. In 1992 he published his first book, Women: Women are curvy and statuesque the unmistakable brand of fantasy. His books come in several languages and published worldwide. He received the Silver Award prize Spectrum (USA), Cartoomics (Italy) and The Pilgrim (Russia).
Contaminating different techniques, ranging from oil acrylic, watercolor dall'aerografo, images emerge from the leaves as perverse figures and fairy tales, myths and futuristic post. Obsession is just the symbol of woman, no mother, no lover, but sharp-eyed warrior or dreamy-eyed goddess, who lives in a world without men, the daughter of the Sun, the Moon, the five elements, like a wild beast rider proud of his own solitude and its beauty.
In Subversive Beauty published by Editorial Norma (2005), through dreams, bleak landscapes, darkness in the company of a young girl, the artist says, "has visited my dreams, chimera that transported me to places and myths of madness, darkness that, rather than seep into my nights, I am always looking. "
Young women from the skin painted face cruel men with swords and legends Royo says myths, legends, magical stories, such as the "daughter of the moon" or black-haired "Princess Albina" which dealt with his sword, the opponents of the king, or "the guardian of the black dragon" with the huge shield that watches over the dreams of the monster.
In Malefic (Norma Editorial, 1997), Royo still manages to seduce with concern through alchemical images and psychedelic. The blast comes on airbrush precise and powerful image blurring and enriching them with dark tones, dark, enigmatic. As in "Chiaroscuro Bifido" from the "semi-hidden sensuality from the cold metal" or in "Light of panic" in which a young girl with eyes of ice is "clinging to the light." But only for a few days.